Pups Rescued from Roadside Ditch Prepped for Adoption

Pups Rescued from Roadside Ditch Prepped for Adoption

Five puppies are ready for their new homes after much love and care and an outpouring from the community.

Franklin Township, Luzerne County -- Just days from turning eight weeks old, a litter of pups was as playful and healthy as can be on Friday at Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge. The young dogs have overcome a lot in their young lives ever since a jogger in late September heard their little cries coming from a ditch in Sweet Valley. "I think it's just a miracle the way they were found and the way they were nurtured and brought back and they're perfectly healthy, prospering young dogs," said Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge President Marge Bart.

Volunteers provided around the clock care to the five puppies taking turns bottle feeding them, giving them medication and lots of loving care.  "I can't get over how big they've gotten and they're thriving, they're wonderful," said  Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge volunteer Jenn Robinson.

The smallest of the rescued pups is named Faith. She was found injured in a picker bush. Flesh is exposed on her front paw where fur will never grow back. She is among the two females and three males that make up the litter. Their breed was a mystery until DNA testing made the determination just last week. "They are 50% coonhound, 25% dachshund and 25% greyhound," said Ms. Robinson.

One of the pups was kept in foster care almost from the start while the other four made their healthy comeback at Blue Chip Farms. Staffers say this miracle story wouldn't have been possible without a public outpouring. "The community has really been welcoming to these puppies. Everybody stepped forward. We've gotten wonderful donations," said Ms. Bart.

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, the staff will send the adorable puppies to their adoptive homes after five individuals were chosen from 50 applicants. "We've been so thankful to have them. They've been such a blessing so we find it fitting that they go the week of Thanksgiving," said Ms. Robinson.

Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge wanted to keep a lasting memory of the rescued pups. The staff put the pups' paw prints in cement as a lasting sign of their miracle recovery. Meanwhile, Blue Chip Farms has plenty of other pets in need of a forever home. You can find out about adopting a pet or making a donation by calling Blue Chip Farms at 570-333-5265. You can also visit the organization's website: http://www.bcfanimalrefuge.org/ or its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bcfanimalrefuge

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