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Puppy Lemon Law

SPCA offers advice about the Puppy Lemon law

Luzerne County- Many people may have received a new furry friend over the holidays. But sometimes that puppy may take a little more work than you bargained for. They may have a condition, like temperament or genetic issues that makes them unsuitable for the home. That's where the Puppy Lemon Law comes in. It's functions much like the Lemon Law for cars it lets new owners return their pets should an unforeseen complication come up..

  "They get home with the animal and realize there’s a lot more to having the pet than they realized when they first applied for and They can be veterinary care there’s food water all sorts of supplies for them." Said Cindy Starke of the SPCA

 New owners are not off the hook though if they decide they don't want a pet anymore. The puppy's complications must be verified by a vet.

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