Police Warn About "Molly" Drug

Police Warn About "Molly" Drug

Police believe a new drug is about to come to our area
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County - Police are trying to get the word out about a drug they believe is about to come to our area.

The drug is called Molly.

"It's obviously a dangerous drug," Officer Jason Slatcoff, with the West Wyoming Borough Police Department, said. "It's basically a renamed form of ecstasy (and) it is just as dangerous."

Slatcoff said he hasn't any incidents involving the drug in his area.

"It's claimed to be a pure form of ecstasy," he said.

The drug was the topic of discussion with a lot of people because that's what Emmanuel Paulino told police he took right before police say he committed one of the most horrific sexual assaults in our area.

Doctor Ronald Strony, the director of emergency medicine of Gesinger Northeast, told Eyewitness News the drug can be found as a pill or powder.

"Generally it's a stimulant drug," he said. "That can range from anywhere just tachycardia, and a little bit of euphoria, to all the way up to sever delirium and hallucinations."

Dr. Strony said because the drug is similar to ecstasy it's hard to tell if he's treated any patients who used the drug.

Molly is gaining popularity in clubs and bars across the country and is known on the streets as a party drug.

In September of this year several students admitted to taking the drug before a concert in Stroudsburg.

Police are worried because it's starting to pop up more and more in pop culture and songs. They believe it's just a matter to time until they're dealing with it in our area more often.

"Just like any other drug it starts in the more urban areas around the larger cities and slowly spreads out from those areas," Slatcoff said.

"We don't want anyone to experience things like what's been reported of late," Dr. Strony said. "Certainly we'd encourage everyone to stay away from this stuff."

Molly is illegal and can be more dangerous when mixed with other drugs.
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