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Pinewood Derby 2014 Pack 207 Winners

An afternoon of racing in Conygham!
Pack 207 held their annual Pinewood Derby races this past Sunday in the Smith Hall of Christ UCC in Conyngham. The event was made possible with a donation of over 90 car kits from Bob Tunnessen, scout parent of Tunnessen's Auto Parts, Hazleton.

And the winners are:

> Coolest Car (Most Original):
> Aiden Bacon,
> Oreo cookie car
> 4th place (Best in Show)
> Robert Eigenbrod
> 3rd Place
> JT Cherko
> 2nd Place
> Logan Wetzel
> 1st Place
> Joshua Wufsus

    Josh Wufus placed first this year out of 55 participants with a time of 2.82 seconds down the 40 foot track. He won two years ago with the car he used and placed 8th at the district level. He is hoping to do better than that this year.
  The Anthracite District derby will be held on Saturday, February 8th at the Laurel Mall, Hazleton.
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