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PennDOT’s Scheduled Roadwork for the Week of Nov. 1-9

PennDOT’s Scheduled Roadwork
*Pike County Update:
As part of the $66 million project to remove and replace Interstate 84 in Pike County, the following work is being completed this week in Pike County:
·  Saturday (11/2) and Monday thru Friday (11/4-11/8)– New York state line to Exit 46 (Milford)-single lane westbound for paving.
·  Monday and Tuesday (11/4-11/5)– New York line to Exit 53 (Matamoras) Single lane eastbound for work on the crossovers. 
All work is scheduled to take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.  
In the spring of 2014, once the crossovers are complete, traffic is expected to be moved to single lanes on the current eastbound lanes while the westbound lanes are completely removed and replaced. Before traffic is moved over, temporary paving will be done on I-84 West to help improve current conditions.
As part of this overall project, the contractor will:
·  Remove and replace Interstate 84 East and West between the New York line and Exit 46 (Milford)
·  Rehabilitate four 3-span bridges
·  Rehabilitate two 6-span bridges
·  Construct a new beam bridge
·  Rehabilitate five culverts
·  Refabricate T-wall, retaining wall, sanitary sewer work, guiderail, drainage and pavement markings.
·  The project is expected to cost $66.4 Million and is slated be completed by April 2016.
The primary need for this project is the ongoing failure of the existing pavement as a result of alkali silica reactivity (ASR).  ASR causes the concrete pavement to deteriorate and lose its structural integrity through a reaction between the aggregate and the type of cement that was used in the early 1970’s during construction.   Because of this ASR, the concrete forms a gel that may absorb water, expand and crack the concrete.  Once cracked, the concrete loses its strength and deteriorates.
Additional Work on I-84:
M-Th: Manual  patching and crack sealing I-84 E.B.  and W.B.  Monday 11/04/2013 through Thursday 11/07/2013.  Alternate lane closures as needed between Exit 1 (Tigue Street) and Exit 8 (Mt. Cobb) – 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
M: There will be bridge deck patching on I-84 eastbound at mile maker 5.3 (Roaring Brook Bridge) on Monday, November 5 -alternate lane closures will be in effect from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
T: Bridge deck patching repairs I-84 W.B. at M.M. 5.3 (a.k.a. Roaring Brook Bridge) Tuesday 11/05/2013. Alternate lane closures. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
W: Bridge deck and approach repairs Interstate 84 W.B. at M.M. 4.1 (a.k.a. Pocono Flyover Bridge) Wednesday 11/06/2013. Alternate lane closure between 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Monday – Thursday: There will be a single lane restriction on I-80 East between the Luzerne/Columbia border and Exit 256 (Conyngham) for crack sealing – Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
*As a reminder, the I-80 westbound Mifflinville on-ramp remains closed. On Monday, Oct. 21, the I-80 westbound off-ramp to Route 11 north and south (Exit 241 - Lime Ridge/Berwick) will be closed starting at 8 a.m. The ramp is expected to reopen at 1 p.m. The contractor will be installing lighting for the overhead signs. Westbound traffic wishing to use Exit 241 during the ramp closure will be directed to use Exit 242 (Mifflinville) and follow Route 339 to Main Street to Route 11.
Tuesday & Wednesday: Single lane restriction on I-81 between Exit 155 (Dorrance) and Exit 159 (Nuangola) for bridge maintenance - 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Work will be southbound on Tuesday; northbound on Wednesday.  
*I-81 North Between Exit 170 (Wilkes-Barre) and Exit 175 (Dupont/Pittston) will have lane shifts for bridge replacement over Sunset Road and Old Boston Road beginning Monday, July 29 and will continue until spring of 2014.
Lackawanna County:
NOW OPEN:  *State Route 307 (Spruce/Moosic Street Bridge) Cedar Avenue ramp from Orchard street to the Central Scranton Expressway will be closed from April 29 to mid-September for bridge replacement. Posted detour will be Cedar Ave to Lackawanna to Spruce.
NOW OPEN: *State Route 407 (Abington Road) near Lackawanna Lake will be closed for bridge repairs.
*State Route 407 (Abington Road) between SR 6 in Chinchilla and Craig Road in North Abington Township will have temporary lane closures, at various areas for pipe crossings, base repair, milling, and paving for the next several months 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
*State Route 435 over 348 in Elmhurst  will be single lane for bridge repair until November 2014. Motorist are reminded to slow down in the work zone.
*State Route 3011 (Keyser Ave) between Union Street in Taylor and SR 307(Morgan Highway) will have lane closures at various times and locations throughout the day for Utility work. Delays are expected. The contractor for Keyser Ave, is going to begin milling and paving operations starting Monday and continuing for several weeks, weather permitting.  Traffic will be restricted to one lane starting at McDade Park entrance and proceeding towards Oak Street in Taylor. 
*State Route 3020 (Linden Street) between St. Fran Cabrini Avenue and Eight Street Scranton continues emergency bridge repairs. Estimated data of completion in December.
Luzerne County
118  Ross Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Crack Sealing  11/5/2013  11/7/2013  7am - 3pm  7:30-2:30
Business Rt 309  Wilkes Barre Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Crack Sealing  11/4/2013  11/7/2013  7am - 3pm 
315 SB  RT 315 SB, Pittston/ Jenkins Twps  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Crack Sealing  11/5/2013  11/8/2013  7am - 3pm 
315  Pittston/ Jenkins Twps  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Drain Cleaning  11/6/2013  11/6/2013  7am - 3pm 
940  Between Freeland and White Haven  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Patching  11/4/2013  11/7/2013  7am - 3pm  7:30-2:30
1003  Academy St  Plymouth  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Inlet Repair  11/4/2013  11/4/2013  7am - 3pm 
1026  Lake Catalpa Rd  Dallas Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Delineators  11/6/2013  11/6/2013  7am - 3pm 
1029  Dug Rd  Kingston Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Delineators  11/5/2013  11/5/2013  7am - 3pm 
1029  Manor Dr  Dallas Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Patching  11/4/2013  11/4/2013  7am - 3pm 
1041  Lake Catalpa Rd/ Upper Demunds Rd  Dallas Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Delineators  11/4/2013  11/4/2013  7am - 3pm 
1044  Hildebrandt Rd/ My. Olivet Rd  Dallas Twp/ Kiingston Twp "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Delineators  11/7/2013  11/8/2013  7am - 3pm 
2036  Bald Mountain Rd  Bear Creek Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Patching  11/4/2013  11/7/2013  7am - 3pm  Monday AND Thursday
3012  Church Rd  Hollenback Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Patching  11/4/2013  11/7/2013  7am - 3pm  7:30-2:30
4010  Sunshine Rd  Union Twp  "Expect Lane Restrictions
and Flagging operations"  Patching  11/5/2013  11/6/2013  7am - 3pm  7:30-2:30
*State Route 93 (Broad Street) in Hazleton will be completed in the fall of 2013 with the exception of a section between Vine Street and Cedar Street which will be completed in Spring of 2014.
*State Route 1011 (Pierce Street) at the Veteran’s Mamorial Bridge over the Susquehanna River will be single lane in both directions for deck replacement until May 2014.
*SR 3026 - Hazleton Airport Road– A contractor for PennDOT has begun  a $9.5 million upgrade to SR 3026 (The Hazleton Airport Road).  Work will include upgrading 3 traffic signals, installing  two new traffic signals, adding turning lanes at designated locations and repaving.  Anticipated completion is August 2014.
Pike County
*State Route 6 over Sawkill Creek will be single lane controlled by a traffic signal for bridge work until late October
*State Route 402 over I-84, Blooming Grove is a single lane controlled by a traffic signal for bridge replacement.
*State Route 739 between Hemlock Farms Road and Forest Drive in blooming Grove Township will have lane restrictions controlled by temporary signal for bridge work. Estimated completion June 2014.
Susquehanna County
*State Route 106 in Clifford will be single lane controlled by a temporary traffic signal for bridge replacement until November of 2013.
*State Route 106 the intersection of Mud Road and SR 106 will be closed from June, 11 to November. In order to reach Mud Road from SR 106 motorists will have to follow the posted detour.
*State Route 171 (East Main Street) Drinkers Creek in Susquehanna Boro. Will be single lane for bridge Replacement until July 2014. Expect Delays.
*State Route 267 in Lawton Township traffic will travel on the temporary road way until October 2013. Travel with Caution.
*State Route 706 (Wyalusing Street)  beginning at the intersection of SR 29 and SR 706 and continuing east for Montrose betterment project
*State Route 858 in Little Meadows will be single lane controlled by temporary traffic signals over Apolacon Creek. Until end of October. 
*SR 3029, Forest Lake Township will be closed for bridge structure replacement until November 4.
Wayne County
 *SR 247  in Wayne County is closed 1 mile North of the intersection with SR 371 for repairs.  A detour is set up.  Work is expected to be completed by Mid December.
*State Route 652 (Narrowsburg Bridge) will be single lane controlled by a traffic light until further notice.
*State Route 1002 Skinners Falls Bridge in Damascus Township will have a weight restriction of 4 ton.
*State Route 1004 will be single lane for the replacement of a bridge over Beaver Dam Creek with an estimated completion in November 2013
*State Route 3028 (Owego Turnpike) in Cherry Ridge is currently closed with a detour.  Estimated completion is April 2014
*SR 4006 (Miller Road) is closed for bridgework near the fairgrounds in Honesdale. 
Wyoming County

* SR 29 in Wyoming County over Tunkhannock Creek;   Single lane controlled by flaggers will be intermittent until temporary bridge is constructed.  Project will work this fall and all next year. 
*State Route 307 in Ousterhout will be one lane with traffic signals for bridge repair until December 2014.
*State Route 1025 (Station Hill Road) in Nicholson Township the railroad owned bridge over the Canadian Pacific Railroad will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic until further notice due to the poor condition of the bridge. There is a posted detour.
*SR 3003 The work that was originally scheduled to begin on Monday, October 7 was delayed until Monday, October 28, with a compressed scheduled to help alleviate the concern of vehicles traveling on SR 3004 (John Sheehan Road) in the winter months.  On Monday, October 28, the contractor will close SR 3003 (Sugar Hollow Road) and implement a detour for 1-2 months in order to complete stream excavation and construction of a retaining wall.  After the work is complete, they have agreed to reconstruct the current road and reopen SR 3003 (Sugar Hollow Road) for the winter.  In the spring, the road will be closed again and the detour implemented until the summer. The 6.6 mile detour will be posted from SR 87 to SR 3004 (John Sheehan Road).  This is part of a $3.3 million project to replace the bridge over Mehoopany Creek.  The anticipated completion date for the entire project is August 2014.   

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