PA Attorney General Race 5 pm

PA Attorney General Race 5 pm

Nationwide, the presidential election is the hot race... But here in Pennsylvania there are also a number of key statewide elections.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In one of them... A Lackawanna County woman could make history.&nbsp; <br>&nbsp;
Lackawanna County- If she wins Kathleen Kane will be the first female and the first democrat ever elected to that post since it became an elected position in 1980.

 With her family at her side... Kathleen Kane cast her ballot Tuesday morning at the Waverly community house.
    After two years of campaigning... It all comes down to today.

"I'm very optimistic, I'm very hopeful and i hope that the voters are ready for an independent watchdog in the attorney general's office" said Kathleen Kane, (D) Attorney General Candidate

    Born and raised in West Scranton but now living in the Abingtons her neighbors have watched this race closely.

I feel we're very fortunate. She's very focused, intelligent, pleasant. I've met her a few times at different places." said Kathy Eastburn of Clarks Summit

    Kane is running against Republican David Freed.  Freed is  the current Cumberland County District Attorney.
    He says his experience overseeing four-thousand cases a year gives him an edge.

"I'd rather vote for somebody local than somebody from the far corners of the state somewhere." said Richard Merriman of Waverly


    While this race has gotten a lot of television ad time. many people locally say they're not voting for Kane because of the barriers that might be broken if she wins.

"I don't think whether its male or female is the overriding factor. I think its the views and positions they take that are the most important thing." said Peter Frosini of Glenburn Township

    With the campaign in its final hours Kane says she is ready for the results.

"I woke up at 6:00 o'clock this morning and the weight of the campaign was really there in front of me -- all the hopes and talking to all of the people that I've talked to over the last two years  Said Kane
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