Outrage After a 9-11 Monument is Vandalized

Outrage After a 9-11 Monument is Vandalized

Friends of Sergeant Jan Argonish are upset and are hoping a thief will have a change of heart.
Scranton, Lackawanna County-Sergeant Paul Welby just got home from Kuwait a few days ago.
    Right now -- he's furious.
   Sometime over the last few days, A bronze plaque  was torn off the stone it was attached to at Nay Aug Park.

    The monument was paid for with money raised by an annual ride in honor of Sergeant Jan Argonish of Peckville who died in Iraq in 2007.
"It leaves me a little speechless because it took a lot of people a lot of time, a lot of energy even just to put that plaque there" Said Talia Walsh, Jan Argonish's Finance..

    There's some marks on here you can see, on the top, where they tried to pry it off.

    Friends say the vandal even tried to get another plaque below the 9/11 Monument, which is dedicated to Argnoish, but didn't have much luck.

"He gave everything and it's a little bit that we can give back to the community and the city and for someone in the city or the surrounding area even to do this is just just absolutely disgusting." said Sgt. Paul Welby of Dunmore.

    Friends of Jan Argonish are hoping whoever took the memorial will have a change of heart.
    The memorial is located at the start of the Davis Trail a reflection area, where local soldiers who have died are honored.

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