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Osterhout Library's Three Wise Women named Elaine

The story of the three wise men is popular around the holidays.. but a local library is honoring their three wise women.the Osterhout free library has a trio of librarians with decades of service, but their story is coming to an end.
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County-.  The year is drawing to an end... so is the chapter of the three
wise women named Elaine at a library in Wilkes-Barre. Elaine Schall, Reader Services Coordinator  told Eyewitness News "I am ready. I am tired. I have actually worked since 7th grade, so it's not just the 40 years here.

Librarian Elaine Schall has been with the Osterhout Free Library since 1973. As the calendar moves to a new year, Schall will turn the page in her book of life.  "I am going to sleep in, in the morning, I am going to read the books I haven't been able to read over time, and I am going to go to Florida."
She is checking out her last book and retiring December 30th, but her legacy at the library will live on. Because of their combined 100 years of service -- she and her co-workers Elaine Stefanko and Elaine Rash are known as The Three Wise Elaines.

 Elaine Schall, said "If it's something good, I'm the Elaine you want and if it's something bad you want the other Elaines."

The ladies are all department heads at the library and each have at least 30 years under their belts. Elaine Rash, Reader Services Coordinator  added "It's nice having someone that has had that history with you."

Her co-workers --that she considers friends -- will always remember their third Elaine.

"She will definitely be missed. You're like a fixture at that front desk. People come in and expect to see you there, so it will definitely be different." said Rash

Schall has enjoyed changing with the times at the South Franklin Street location, but it's time to move on and start a new adventure... though there are a few things she will dearly miss.
"My co-workers; I really think I will miss my co-workers the most and getting the new books first!"
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