Operation Christmas Child Helps Kids in More than 100 Countries

Operation Christmas Child Helps Kids in More than 100 Countries

You can help bring a smile to children in impoverished areas.
East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Volunteers are preparing to ship Christmas cheer
all over the world. They’re collecting gifts for poor children in more than 100

First Baptist Church of East Stroudsburg is one of the collection locations. Ginny
Jensen volunteers there. She smiled, "The children can't believe that
they're going to receive something just for their own."

Jensen has seen that joy first hand. She remembers a trip to Peru where she saw
hundreds of kids open their gifts. She said, “They would just say 'gracias,
gracias, gracias' over and over. They were so pleased."

If you’d like to participate, just fill up a shoebox full of small gifts and drop
it off at the church. It doesn’t take much to bring joy to kids in places where
they don’t have their own washcloths or toothbrushes. In fact, toothbrushes are
some of the most popular gifts. Jensen said, "We see reactions in
countries where that's the most exciting thing in the box and to American's we
might think, 'really, a toothbrush?' But that's a really big deal."

You can also include school supplies and small toys.

For more information and drop off locations go to

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