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Old Forge Residents Look to Move on After Sex Scandal

People who live in Old Forge say they're looking to move on after three men were sentenced for a sex scandal Monday afternoon.
All three of the men arrested in connection with a sex scandal in Lackawanna County are going to prison.

Former Old Forge police chief Larry Semenza, former police captain Jamie Krenitsky and former firefighter Walter Chiavacci were each sentenced to jail time for having inappropriate contact with a teenage girl several years ago.

For the last year and a-half, the sex scandal has grabbed headlines in Lackawanna County and after the sentencing, people say they're ready to move on.

Kim Zupon is Chief Semenza's first wife. She showed up to court Monday looking for justice.

"He's slick and his lawyer is slick so I kept thinking they made some kind of backdoor deal and what if he's not going to jail, oh my God!" Zupon said.

After hearing that Semenza will spend between 18 months and four years in prison on corruption of minors charges, Zupon and her new husband were elated.

Zupon's husband Michael was a former police officer in Old Forge who worked under Semenza.

"He sort of ran the town, it was like, if you didn't do what he said you were out of the loop," Michael Zupon said.

"He's disgusting. Everybody knew what was going on," Kim Zupon said.

People in town say they're ready to move on now that the sentencings are over.

"I wanted to see them go to jail really," Joe Turowski of Old Forge said. "They shouldn't get away with it. I don't care if the girl was at fault. She was young."

In handing down his sentences, the judge said the sex scandal affected the entire Old Forge community. He said people should have been looking to police for guidance and leadership but instead got a culture of permissiveness and corruption.

"Sometimes power goes to a person's head and they do abuse it at times. They feel like they can do no wrong," James Wooler of Old Forge said.

"The chief thought he was invincible. He thought he could get any woman he wants. That's what he said," Turowski said.
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