Newsmakers To Air Sunday-October 18 Topic NEPA Paranormal

Newsmakers To Air Sunday-October 18 Topic NEPA Paranormal

Hosts Jayne Ann Bugda and Andy Mehalshick will have as their guests the Paranormal Investigators from NEPA Paranormal.

       Ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night, its all part of this Sunday’s Eyewitness Newsmakers.

      Senior Producer Jayne Ann Bugda and Anchorman Andy Mehalshick will feature Investigators from NEPA Paranormal.

Guests will include Bob Christopher and Katie Christopher the co-founders of the NEPA Paranormal and Alissa Timko, the NEPA Paranomal Team Historian.

     They will talk about their paranormal experiences and talk about their many investigations at some local haunts.   They will also show photos and video of some of their recent investigations.

    Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this program offers a unique look the world of the paranormal.


Newsmakers will air on WBRE TV

Sunday, October 18th at 5:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.

  The program will be re-broadcasted on WBRE TV

on Sunday, October 25th at 5:30 a.m.


 Newsmakers can also be seen on WYOU TV

  on Saturday, October 24th at 6 a.m. 

 The Team at NEPA Paranormal have the following upcoming events:

*Oct 19th 6:00pm Osterhout Library Paranormal 101 Lecture


*Oct 21st 6:00pm West Pittston Library Paranormal 101 Lecture. The lecture will be held at a hall close to the library. The address is: 316 Linden St in West Pittston.


**Both lectures will give those who attend an inside look at our group. We will go over the basics of an investigation, equipment, and we will also feature some of our best evidence. We will be holding a raffle where prizes will include T-Shirts, gift certificates for a reading with our psychic, and a chance to come on an investigation with the group. We will also be selling T-Shirts for those who are interested.


*Oct: 28th 5:00pm. Pittston Library Mock Investigation. We will be taking people into the library and performing an investigation. People will learn how we investigate, how to use the equipment, and we will also cover some evidence review techniques.


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