Newsmakers To Air Sunday, June 27

Newsmakers To Air Sunday, June 27

<p><b>Newsmakers airs Sunday, June 27th.&nbsp; Topic: "What Happens after a Case of Child Abuse is Reported- How the System Works" </b></p> <p mce_keep="true">&nbsp;</p>
   This Sunday�s WBRE TV Newsmakers will feature representatives from Luzerne County Children and Youth.  Senior Producer Jayne Ann Bugda and Lead I-Team Investigator Andy Mehalshick host the program.     Hundreds cases of child abuse are reported and investigated each year in our area.  What happens when  a case is reported? How does the system work? That is the focus of Sunday�s program.   Bugda and Mehalshick will be joined by Marijo Sullivan and Lauren O�Brien of Luzerne County Children and Youth who will explain what happens after a report of abuse is made.  They will also discuss the signs of abuse and talk about the Foster Parenting Program.

    Newsmakers will air on WBRE TV Sunday, June


27th at 5:30 a.m. and at 11 a.m. 


  The program will re-broadcast on Sunday, July 4th


at 5:30 a.m.  


Newsmakers will also air Saturday, July 3rd a 6 a.m. 


on WYOU-TV. 

More information: Luzerne County Child Abuse Reporting Line
(To report child abuse/neglect or receive information):
(570) 826-8710
     To report suspected Child Abuse:  1-800-932-0313
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