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Run for the Diamonds Kicks Off 104th Year

The winner of the this year's Run for the Diamonds is Paul Phisile from Washington, Pennsylvania. He finished in just over forty-five minutes. Twenty-two diamonds were handed out at the 104th Run for the Diamonds in downtown Berwick.

Berwick, Columbia County- Over 17-hundred runners bundled up on Thanksgiving morning for an annual tradition in downtown Berwick. The 104th Annual Run for the Diamonds is a nine-mile race that rewards it's winners in a generous fashion.

"We really give away diamonds," says Race Director, Margaret Lipsey.

The Vitale family didn't come for the diamonds. Their prize is spending the Thanksgiving holiday together.

"This is a race we've wanted to do for quite some time. I grew up here so we're up here for Thanksgiving. We thought we'd run it," says Dave Vitale.

"So we're here. My husband has ten-brothers and sisters. They all grew up in West Nanticoke. It's a big crazy house with lots of kids, friends and family," says Josie Vitale.

Dave and Josie brought along their nephew Dominic, who is fighting off the freezing weather with a lot of warm gear.

"I think it's a little insane. It's twenty-six degrees," says Dominic Vitale.

Everyone is wearing several layers on this cold Thanksgiving morning, and some go a little further by dressing in unique outfits on race day.

"My friend and I saw these outfits and decided to get them. Today would be a good day to wear them," says Carmella DiPippa about her Wonder Woman costume.

Carmella has been racing in the Run for the Diamonds since 1982!

"Berwick is my hometown. I just love all the people out. It's just exciting. It's what I've done for almost thirty-years," she says.

 The winner of the race is Paul Phisile from Washington, Pennsylvania.
        He finished in just over 45 minutes.
    22 diamonds were handed out, including the first seven male finishers who got diamond rings, and the first seven women took home diamond pendants.
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