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New Milford Currently Without Normal Police Protection

A small community in Susquehanna County is currently without its normal police protect after a contract expired at the beginning of the year.
A small community in Susquehanna County is currently without its normal police protection.

Beginning on January 1st, a contract for the Montrose police department to provide coverage for New Milford expired.

New Milford councilmembers are now trying to figure out exactly why -- and how -- the coverage lapsed.

"I think it could have been an "oops." I'm not sure why they did not extend and cover us until the next contract but there's also new council members too," New Milford councilwoman Teri Gulick said. "We want a two-year contract this time and maybe something has changed from that group of council members until now."

For the last four years Montrose police have covered between eight or nine shifts a month in New Milford. Officers enforce traffic laws and do general investigations.

Right now, until a new contract is officially approved, Montrose can't respond to New Milford for the normal shifts.

"As far as I'm aware, since the contract is up, we can't," Montrose Police Chief Dale Smith said. "Unless we're assisting state police."

Storm White has lived in New Milford for several years. She says the coverage makes a difference.

"Hopefully they'll be back to patrol again because it helps with keeping the noise down and keeping the bars, watching the people with the bars and also with people that do drugs," Storm White said.

New Milford is not totally without coverage. State police can still respond to calls and emergencies in the borough.

New Milford council members are hoping to get the situation resolved as quickly as they can.

Montrose borough council next meets on January 20th.

"I am going to attend their meeting on the 20th and just make sure we get everything taken care of right then and there," Gulick said.

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