Neighbors Say House Where Deadly Hazing Ritual Took Place Was 'Known For Problems'

Neighbors Say House Where Deadly Hazing Ritual Took Place Was 'Known For Problems'

One neighbors tells Eyewitness News the home can be found on a vacation rental website
Tunkhannock Township, Monroe County - Jose Baez lives next to the house where 19-year-old Chen "Michael" Cheng was apparently involved in a vicious hazing event over the weekend.

"I've had people, grown men up there, drinking carrying on, dropping the f-bomb," he said. "No regards to the children running around outside."

Baez said Easter weekend of this year is when problems started happening at the place right outside his back yard.

"Some young cat from the city bought it and he turned it around and made it vacation rental," he said.

Baez lives in Sierra View, right behind the house where investigators say a group of about 30 Pi Delta Psi members from Baruch college in Manhattan rented a home.

Police say 19-year-old Chen "Michael" Deng was one of four pledges involved in some sort of physically aggressive hazing ritual and wound up unconscious.

Instead of calling 9-1-1, fraternity brothers drove him to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, which is about 30 minutes away.

Doctors weren't able to save him and he died on Monday.

Baez told Eyewitness News he wasn't home when the ritual was said to have happened, but saw some of the crowd earlier in the weekend.

"I didn't see as much as a bottle of beer," he said. "It wasn't a problematic crowd. I wouldn't deem it a problematic crowd."

Baez told Eyewitness News the home where all that happened is owned by a man who rents it as a vacation home. He showed Eyewitness News the website where the home can be found.

According to the rules of the neighborhood association short term vacation rentals are not allowed.

Eyewitness News reached out to the owner of the home, but didn't get a response.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Baruch College says Deng died after an "unsanctioned fraternity pledging event.

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In a statement, a spokeswoman for Brauch College said that, "Brauch College had no knowledge of this even or that the fraternity was rushing a pledge class".

Police said this case is an ongoing investigation and haven't said if anyone will be arrested.

Eyewitness News also reached out to officials with Pi Delta Psi, but no one responded to our requests for comments.
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