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Neighbor Foils Clifton Township Burglary with Gunshot

A Lackawanna County man is being credited for helping to stop a burglary suspect in his tracks Wednesday.
A Lackawanna County man is being credited for helping to stop a burglary suspect in his tracks Wednesday.

His method?

Shooting out the tire on the suspected crook's truck.

Richard Grab of Clifton Township knew something wasn't right when he saw an unusual truck pull up and stay outside his mother-in-law's house. He didn't hesitate to jump into action.

"We've been robbed before, twice myself here and I always look, watching people's homes," Richard Grab said.

Grab was certainly watching over his mother-in-law's house on Peat Bog Road Wednesday.

It's a good thing.

State police say just before noon, Aaron Castro allegedly broke into Grab's mother-in-law's home and Grab watched it all go down.

"The truck pulled up in front of the garage door and the guy went to the front door and he knocked and nobody came out so he came back and got in his truck and went to the back of the house and he didn't come back out for a couple minutes," Grab said.

Grab grabbed his gun and confronted Castro inside the home.

"I told him I had a gun and I was going to shoot him if he didn't get on the floor. I heard something behind me. I turned back and he flew out the door and I chased him out the door to his truck," Grab said.

The two men struggled in the driver's side of the truck.

In an attempt to stop Castro from getting away, Grab fired one shot into the back tire of his truck.

Castro tried to drive off but didn't get far.

"He put it in reverse and was trying to back over me with the door. He knocked me over," Grab said.

Over the last few months, several burglaries have been reported in the North Pocono area. As of now, state police do not have any reason to believe Castro may be responsible for more than just this one.

"We don't have anything to indicate that he is responsible for any more burglaries in that general area," Trooper Connie Devens with the Pennsylvania State Police said.

State police say Castro had tried to steal a pillowcase worth of jewelry worth about $1,000 from the home. He told troopers he did it to support his drug habit.

Castro was arraigned on burglary and trespassing charges. He is behind bars on $100,000 bail.
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