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Mom Accused of Trying to Kill Infant Son

A Mifflinburg mother is behind bars tonight, after police say she tried to kill her 6 week old baby.

A Union County woman is jailed tonight after police say she tried to kill her  infant son. Investigators say the six-week old boy suffered what could have been  potentially fatal injuries.

"You wouldn't think a parent would do something like that," says Loniqua  Howell. Howell is talking about the charges against her 20 year old Mifflinburg  neighbor, Jasmine Bearden.

Bearden is in jail, accused of trying to kill her baby boy. Police say her  six week old son, Justin, suffered life threatening injuries at the hands of his  mother. Doctors treated the infant in October for a fractured skull, broken  ribs, and a fractured liver.

Neighbors say they don't understand how anyone could get to the point of  lashing out like that.

"There's times when you get frustrated, but to have that much anger in you,  no, it's got to be something else there for you to lash out, because there's no  words. There's no explanation for it."

Another neighbor shared Bearden's Facebook page with us. Around the time the  infant was admitted, Bearden wrote, "Everything has fallen apart, but we are  going to fix it."

Bearden later shared this quote, "Everyone makes mistakes in life. But that  doesn't mean they have to pay for them for the rest of their life. Good people  can make bad choices."

In November, while the baby was recovering in the hospital, Bearden began  posting pictures of her son, saying, "Mommy misses you."

Neighbors are shocked she has been accused of trying to kill her child. They  say that's just not the sort of thing that happens in their town.

Christine Kyler lives across the street. She says, "you kind of hear  of everything in bigger area. To hear about it in a small town like  Mifflinburg, it's disturbing." 

Howell agrees. "It's stunning, because you wouldn't think in this little old  town something like that would happen. Although things happen everywhere,  it's just shocking especially when it's right across the street for you."

Jasmine Bearden is currently being held in Union County Jail  without bail.

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