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Man Who Dedicated His Life to Helping the Community Needs Help

A volunteer firefighter and EMS worker is in a coma. His friends are trying to raise money to pay his medical bills.

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – The community is rallying to support a volunteer fire fighter and ambulance worker who suffered a brain aneurism.


Rob Kramer is covered with tattoos. He sometimes comes across as intimidating. His friend David Koerner laughed, "The first time I met him I was, I looked at him and I was kinda terrified." But friends will tell you looks can be deceiving. "In a matter of minutes you could get to know him and warm right up to him, said Koerner."


Kramer dedicates his time to his community. He volunteers with the Stroudsburg Fire Department. He also works for two ambulance companies. He also has four children between the ages of two and seventeen.

On Wednesday he had a brain aneurism. Neurosurgeons aren’t sure if he will survive but his friends remain optimistic. Koerner started a fundraiser on gofundme.com to help Kramer, who does not have health insurance, pay medical bills. So far people have donated more than $2,000.


Charles Frantz plans to organize a spaghetti dinner and a raffle fundraiser. He said, "He'll do anything for you and doesn't want anything in return and I figure this is the best way we can show our support for my best friend." He looks forward to seeing his buddy pull through this. "Deep down in his heart and soul he is going to be proud that we all pulled together for him and he's going to realize how many friends he does have,” said Frantz.


Koerner summed it up, "As hard as Rob works and as much as Rob gives back to the community I felt it was necessary for the community to give back to Rob."


Friends are also doing a t-shirt sale, planning a spaghetti dinner and a raffle fundraiser.


Here is the link to the fundraising website http://www.gofundme.com/69vs4w


There is also a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/helprobkramer


You can mail donations to :
Help Rob Kramer

PO Box 27

Reeders, PA 18352


For more information email helprobkramer@gmail.com



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