"Lunch with the Law." Police Deliver Pizza to Elementary School

"Lunch with the Law." Police Deliver Pizza to Elementary School

Police officers are teaching children about their jobs.

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Stroud Area Regional Police officers invited Arlington Elementary
School students to a special lunch.

Two school resource officers delivered pizzas to students who have read an
exceptional number of books this year.

Officer Paul Gasper said it’s great to show children police do more than they might
think. "It really shows them that we're not there just to arrest bad guys,”

They explained in addition to catching criminals they also try to prevent people
from becoming criminals. They believe programs like this one called “Lunch with
the Law” will help. Gasper said, "It's all about information. Kids know
more younger these days so the younger we get to them or get to talk to them or
teach them, I think the better we will be in the long run."

The students enjoyed the presentation. Second grader Adam Pucilowski said, "It's
cool and it's fun." They especially liked seeing the tools police carry on
their belts.

The Stroud Lodge Fraternal Order of Police donated $300 to get the Lunch with the
Law Program going.

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