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Local College Officials Speak Out on Hazing

The Monroe County D.A. says charges will be filed in the death of a New York Student who died after a hazing ritual in Monroe County. Local College Officials are weighing in on the subject
Monroe County- Charges will be filed in the death of a New York City College student in the Poconos.
  19 year old Chun Michael Deng died after suffering a brain injury during a pledging ritual for "Pi Delta Psi' Fraternity at a home in Tunkhannock Township, Monroe County.
  Deng was a freshman at Baruck College in New York City. Monroe County District Attorney David Christine says Deng was forced to run a gauntlet of his peers, blindfolded and with a heavy weight on his back.  He died on Monday. Christine said he won't decide on which charges to file until a police investigation is complete.
  The hazing death has college officials around the nation paying close attention.  We stopped by Wilkes University today.  
"Well whenever these tragic cases come up of course our responsibility is to sit back and reflect upon our policy to make sure that we're doing everything we can to explain to our students what the policy is in  proactive way to make sure it's not happening at our institution or our campus." Said Dr. Mark Allen, the Dean of Students at Wilkes University

  All 50 states require colleges and universities to have hazing policies. Penalties could include suspension from campus, even expulsion.

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