Little League Educates Kids about Steroids

Little League Educates Kids about Steroids

Little League Baseball is unveiling an educational program this week -- it's raise awareness about the risks of performance enhancing drugs.
South Williamsport, Lycoming County-The program will target young athletes like the ones participating in this years world series.
It will be an online program --that will involve coaches and parents who can explain to the players why using performance enhancing drugs  just isn't  worth it.
Performance enhancing drugs. How soon is too soon to start learning about the dangers?

 Baseball coaches have mixed reactions after hearing that little league baseball is working with the Taylor Hooten foundation to start an online "awareness" program...
The program will to teach players, coaches and parents about the dangers of using performance enhancing drugs, or peds.

Coaches say it's a good idea but disagree at what point... The educational process should begin.
"I think it makes sense to start at the grassroots level, hopefully educate them early, and they'll make the informed choices" said Glen Tovey of Australia.

"For this level of kids, the 12 + 13 year olds, it's probably a little premature, I don't think one of these kids knows what a performance enhancing drug is " said Matt Fitzgibbons of Northwest Team from Washington.

The baseball world was rocked just two weeks before the start of this year's little league world series. Several high profile players suspended after being accused of using performance enhancing drugs. So coaches say something needs to be done.


The awareness program has a good base with little league  -- there are more than 2 million boys and girls playing little league baseball and softball. Many of whom go on to play... Minor... and major league baseball.

"When the temptations are prevented and they know the facts --that'll do a lot to help them self prevent." added James Petrillo of Midwest Team Iowa

Because little  league athletes are our baseball stars of tomorrow....

"I hope it goes worldwide and i hope we can take some information home so we can start it in Australia. said Tovey,

The program will start in 2014

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