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Kids Bowl With Seniors

See how preschoolers brought some joy to a senior living center in the Poconos.

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – The crowd chanted “Go Mya, go Mya,” as the preschooler sent a rubber bowling bail sailing into plastic pins.


Five year olds jumped up and down as senior citizens clapped to celebrate her accomplishment. It was all part of the Senior Buddies program through Monroe County Head Start.


Preschoolers from the East Stroudsburg center visited residents at Pocono Tranquil Gardens Thursday. Mya smiled, “They are nice and they take turns.”


Resident Maryann Polipny laughed, "I haven't bowled since I was a teenager and that was a long time ago." She said the overflow of energy from the kids gave her a boost of joy. "This is fun having the kids here. It's enlightening,” she smiled. “It just gives you energy that you don't have anymore."


The kids showed off their skills and shared some cookies. One child beamed, “I’m having a lot of fun!” A boy named Desean announced that he was winning. For residents like Polipny it didn’t matter who got the most strikes and spares. The smiles the kids brought to the room show everyone there won. "I'd love to say thank you to them because it has been a joy just to lighten my day," said Polipny.


The Senior Buddy program got a $1,200 grant at Pocono Medical Center’s tree lighting ceremony. So the kids will be able to do all sorts of fun things with their new friends, like going to a play and visiting a planetarium.  







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