Keystone Colleges Create Sleeping Bags for Homeless

Keystone Colleges Create Sleeping Bags for Homeless

Students from Keystone College spent Martin Luther King Junior Day giving back to their community by helping to make sleeping bags for the homeless.
For many people, Martin Luther King Junior Day is about helping others and students at Keystone College spent Monday giving back.

Instead of considering Monday a "day off," many students considered it a "day on." They turned old shirts, blankets and fabric into a meaningful service project.

Some of the students may not be the best with a needle and thread but that didn't matter.

Students from Keystone College teamed-up with the "My Brother's Keeper Quilt Group" to make sleeping bags for the homeless.

"I know there's a lot of homeless people out there and they're cold and it's a bad time of year for that," Keystone College senior Jackie Crozier said.

While some were new to the project, senior Megan Fry has taken part for the last three years.

In the past, she has even helped deliver the sleeping bags to homeless in New York City.

"After going to New York City and actually handing a sleeping bag to a person that needed it, it was just very rewarding to know that I did something to help them when nobody else is really paying attention to them," senior Megan Fry said.

Organizers say on the day when we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, the goal of the project is to inspire the students to help others.

"Our goal is to inspire others to help the homeless and think about all the things they might throw out, mattress pads, blankets that are worn and they can be re-purposed," volunteer Joan Kupetsky said.

With temperatures expected to drop again, the sleeping bag project will have a lasting impact.

"The first year we did about 15 (sleeping bags). The second year, last year, we had a grant and we actually did 25," Keystone College Coordinator of Diversity Lucas Taylor said. "This year, we're probably going to do 35. I'm hoping to do 35 this year."
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