Jenny McCarthy on The View

Jenny McCarthy on The View

Do you watch “ The View” ?  I have enjoyed the show for years, although I must say I probably only see it once every few months (somehow my work...

Do you watch “The View”?  I have enjoyed the show for years, although I must say I probably only see it once every few months (somehow my work schedule is just not conducive to daytime TV watching). So, I was “shocked” to find out that The View recently announced that one of the new hosts is going to be Jenny McCarthy. 

I will be honest, I am not a Jenny McCarthy fan.  I can remember the night that Jenny McCarthy was onLarry King Live discussing her son’s diagnosis of autism and her contention that his diagnosis was caused by his childhood vaccines. Little did I know how her own ideas and words could effect so many other parents and their decisions to immunize their own children.  I mean REALLY, a former Playboy Bunny who felt that all of the science in the world was wrong, telling the world that childhood vaccines caused autism.  Who would believe this, unfortunately a lot of people. Even highly educated people.

Our media staff contacted reprentatives inviting her to appear on The Kid's Doctor radio show, but they never responded.

As a mother, I do understand how any parent would like to be able to pinpoint the cause of their child’s illness and/or disability. But to disavow science and try and to use her celebrity to convince other parents not to vaccinate their children is reprehensible and wrong.  The data is just not there to link vaccines and autism.  PERIOD!

Unfortunately, many young parents who watched Jenny McCarthy did not notice that during the home videos she replayed over and over again on national TV, her child never made good eye contact even as a young baby and did not seem to have socialized and engaged even prior to his vaccines.  That was duly noted by developmental pediatricians, but that does not make national TV.

I have noticed that Jenny McCarthy has really stopped discussing vaccines and has moved on to other topics of expertise for relationships.  But regardless, the damage that she did during her  “anti-vaccine era” still continues to have legs, and for that reason I will no longer be watching The View. The only way I can express my ongoing concern about her views is to vote with my own TV, and hopefully effect her Nielsen ratings and Q scores. I hope you will as well.  

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