Investigation Continues in Abington Manor Murder-Suicide

Investigation Continues in Abington Manor Murder-Suicide

Police say there are more questions than answers after a nurse shot-and-killed a resident inside a transitional care home Monday night.
Police say there are more questions than answers after a nurse shot-and-killed a resident inside a transitional care home Monday night in Lackawanna County.

Investigators identified the people involved Tuesday morning but say they may never know why it happened.

Forensic autopsies were also completed on both people Tuesday afternoon. The Lackawanna County coroner officially confirmed what police believe: this was a murder-suicide.

As for the nurse who pulled the trigger, police say there were no red flags to any problems or issues.

From the outside, it looked like business as usual at Abington Manor Tuesday but it was anything but.

Monday night, while on duty, police say nurse Aimee Larkin brought a gun into the facility and shot patient Howard Kinney once in the chest. The 79-year-old was killed. Larkin then used the gun on herself.

South Abington Township police chief Robert Gerrity says his department is still conducting interviews of staff members and relatives trying to answer one question: why?

"As of the present we have no indication why and unfortunately sometimes we have more questions than answers and we may never know exactly what the motive was or why this happened," Chief Gerrity said.

Grief counselors were on hand Tuesday to meet with any residents or employees that needed to talk.

For people who have family staying at Abington Manor, they were shocked by what happened.

"I was shocked because it's a nice place over here, you know?" Tony Fiore of Clarks Summit said. "It's a good run place."

Police say Aimee Larkin had worked at Abington Manor since 2011 and left no note and didn't seem disgruntled.

She lived at a home on East Drinker Street in Dunmore. Neighbors described her as a pleasant person who was always friendly, kept a garden and attended community block parties.

Police say no one else heard the gunshots inside the facility.

They're calling this an isolated incident.

"Regardless of the workplace anymore, people have to, we just have to be on our guard and more tuned to our surroundings. Who would have thought something would happen like that?" Chief Gerrity said.

Family members of Aimee Larkin who stopped by her house Tuesday afternoon declined to comment on what happened.

As for Abington Manor, in a statement, owners say they're committed to being a safe environment and say this is the first incident of violence in its 28 years of operation.

Abington Manor Released the following  Statement

We were shocked and saddened by the tragedy that occurred at the center last night.  We are fully cooperating with law enforcement officials at this time and are hopeful that their efforts will help us to understand this tragedy.  This is a challenging and emotional time for all of us.  We have grief counselors on site today to meet with any resident who chooses.  In addition, counselors are available to provide support to our employees on every shift.
Abington Manor is committed to being a safe environment for all our residents and staff members. This is an isolated incident.  There has not been an incident of violence at this center in its entire 28 years of operation.  We remain focused on providing quality care and services to all our residents.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of both individuals during this difficult time.

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