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Homeless Seek Shelter in Bitter Cold

Tuesday's sub-zero temperatures meant shelters went to great lengths to keep as many people warm as possible in Wilkes-Barre. Eyewitness News Reporter Sharon Gaeta spoke to some men and women who have no choice but to brave the bitter cold elements in Luzerne County.
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County-. Bracing the sub-zero temperatures is just one of the many hurdles Jim Alichine is facing.  He told Eyewitness News "Freezing I mean it's terrible the wind just goes right through you " Alichine has been homeless for the past six months, and walking the streets has become his way of life.
  When temperatures are in the singles digits like Tuesday, Alichine depends on places like St. Vincent de Paul's Kitchen for a hot meal and St. Stephen's shelter in Wilkes- Barre for a warm place to sleep.
" I go about six o'clock at night and they allow people to stay there and stay warm cause its brutal out " Lisa Boyle was also facing tough times... She was living in a home without heat, so she turned to Ruth's Place for shelter.  Boyle told Eyewitness News" Its our second day something happened in our house and we had no place else to go "
 Ruth's Place is an emergency shelter for women in Luzerne County. Since the cold snap they have seen a rise in people seeking shelter.

Tuesday, six new people signed in. 
  " Thank god for a place like this because without this where would some people be they would be out there freezing to death " said Boyle.

 A executive director Monsignor Joseph Kelly says in the last five years they have cut number of chronic homeless men in the Wyoming Valley in half, by giving them housing and finding jobs.
 He says they are thankful they can continue to work with area organizations to help those still homeless in times of need, especially during the brisk temperatures,

"Certainly in this terribly cold weather its dangerous that people might not have a place to sleep at night so we are very blessed that we can supply that " Said Monsignor Kelly.

Both shelters offered beds for those in need of a place to stay during this cold spell.
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