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Hearing Set For Guns On Campus Debate

A new policy would allow people to carry guns in certain parts of Pennsylvania's 14 state universities
Bloomsburg, Columbia County - Guns at Pennsylvania's state universities may happen soon.

"I'm not the biggest fan fan of guns," Steven Valanoski, a student at Bloomsburg University, said. "I don't know if i would feel comfortable with that."

When it comes to the possibility of having guns on campus Valanoski, a sophomore at Bloomsburg University, said 'no thanks'.

On Tuesday the State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors will hold a hearing on a policy that would allow people to have guns in open areas of campus such as sidewalks, or parking lots, as long as they have a permit.

"As a student I don't want guns anywhere near this campus," David Shoop, a Bloomsburg University student, said.

Under the policy guns loaded or unloaded still wouldn't be allowed in classrooms or other campus buildings.

Seven of the state run universities already have a similar policy in place.

"People would probably not be too happy about it," Craig Lowery, a Bloomsburg University student, said.

Elizabeth Potter, a senior at Bloomsburg University said she sees no need for guns even after mass shooting like the ones at Virginia Tech a few years ago.

"That's why we have campus police," she said. "There's no need for us to be carrying guns on campus if we do have people looking out for our well-being."

While the hearing is set for Thursday a vote on this policy is only expected to take place later this month.
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