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Grinch Tries To Steal Christmas In Small Luzerne County Community

The community Christmas Tree in Black Creek Township was destroyed by vandals this week and the act has outraged many in this small community.
Black Creek Twp- Luzerne County----  Someone destroyed the community Christmas Tree in Black Creek Township and outraged any in the community and beyond--   The tree was planted 8 years ago and is the focal point of the Township's holiday celebration- Dennis Feerrar, a Township Supervisor, said, "I was sickened by this! Did that person never have the Christmas spirit?" Scott Knecht of Black Creek Township added, " How could someone be so callous and heartless? If you live like there's no god you had better hope you are right-  A sign was posted by the gutted tree that calls the person responsible a scum and says are reward will be offered--  An unnamed man donated a 10 foot Fir which will be planted at noon on Saturday--
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