Government Shutdown Closes Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Government Shutdown Closes Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

About 60 park service workers were sent home because of the government furlough.
Bushkill, Pike County – A congressional traffic jam is causing traffic headaches in the
Poconos. River Road through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is
closed. That’s because the entire DWGNRA is closed.

About 60 employees have been furloughed. Only Park Rangers and emergency center personnel
are working.

There is no recreation allowed in the park. That includes hiking, picnicking, and

Business Route 209 through the park will remain open during the shutdown. But Park
Rangers remind people they may not pull off to use any park amenities.

Luis Nerino of Bangor planned to go fishing. But an official told him he had to leave.
He complained, "All federal land is shut down. You can't hunt, you can't
fish, you can't do nothing."

His friend Carmen Gruppo of Pen Argyl added, "I heard about it this morning
but I didn't think it would be this intense. I never thought I wasn't going to
be able to fish, that's for sure."

The fishermen were angry congress members are still getting paid. Nerino said, "Why
don't they shut their pay down? These government workers, why don't they shut
their pay? They shut everything else down, but they're still getting

Governor Tom Corbett said as of Tuesday morning he wasn’t sure how many Pennsylvania
workers temporarily lost their jobs. He is worried about the strain the
shutdown will put on the unemployment system. "There's a potential for
99,000 claims in Pennsylvania to be added to our system,” he said. “We should
really hope that this does not go in the three, four, five week session. Then
we will really start feeling it."

Governor Corbett is encouraging congress to work out an agreement. He said, "Speaker
Boehner has been asking to get a conference committee going and I was
disappointed to see that leader Reid refused that very to me common sense
approach of let's sit down at the table and work this out.

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