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Generations Of Energy: Oil

Long before drilling wells popped up across Texas -- the center of the oil industry was right here in Pennsylvania Eyewitness News Anchor Drew Speier has the details in this week's Generations of Energy Report.
As the coal industry was fazing down, Northeastern Pennsylvania entered a new chapter in energy - oil.
    By the 1920's, people were switching from coal to oil, gas and electricity to power their homes.
    In fact -- the very first oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
    This was thanks to colonel Edwin Drake --
    Who really wasn't a colonel at all, and was at first laughed at in his quest to drill oil.
    But in 1859, he did what most people thought was impossible -- he struck oil.
    The Commonwealth went on to be the source of half of the world's oil production, up until the oil boom in Texas in 1901.
    Pennsylvania had a big part in the birth of the oil industry.
    But soon -- a new generation unfolded, and this region became the leader in another developing energy  -- natural gas
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