From the Producers Pod: October 30, 2013

From the Producers Pod: October 30, 2013

Here is what we working on for Eyewitness News. It is Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Hi It's Jayne Ann Bugda from the "Producer Pod"
  Here's what we are working  on for Eyewitness News for  October 30, 2013. 

  First order of business in the Pod today is to say Best Wishes and Congratulations to our fellow Producer Kaitlin Sosnowski ...who is now known as
 Kaitlin Sosnowski-Ayer.  Kaitlin just got back from her honeymoon. She is married to Noyar Ayer. Kaitlin is our Eyewitness News Daybreak Producer.

  Tomorrow on Eyewitness News Daybreak- Anchor and new daddy Tim Kelchner- has a great story about about being a new dad! That is bright and early Thursday morning on Eyewitness News Daybreak.

  Also-send your Halloween Costume photos to our Daybreak crew they will be featuring some of them during the morning.

  Big question in the newsroom is what will Dave and Brittany  be sporting for Halloween?  They will be dressed up tomorrow during PA Live - no hints!

  Looking for a fun Halloween meal! Check out what Howard whipped  up in the test kitchen this morning-
No Name Hallo-weenies

  We have so many goodies in this newsroom today for Halloween-  no sugar shortage in here...peanut butter cups, candy corn, peanut butter chews and butter scotch cookies.

  Don't forget to check out the Community Link here on PAHomepage. 

 Today's Features: 
The annual downtown Safe Trick or Treat event in Freeland was a huge success at "The Little Free Library".   A little free library set up by the Brogan family!

The first annual Central PA Gluten Free Expo will take place at the Ramada Hotel and
Conference Center, 1450 South Atherton Street, State College, PA, on Sunday, November 10, 2013.
The State College Celiac Support Group is hosting the event, which will include over 35 local and
national exhibitors,

  King's College students and staff will display photographs that reflect the social justice issues of hunger and homelessness during a free public exhibition, titled "Hungering for Justice," from Monday, Nov. 4, through Dec. 13 in the Widmann Gallery.

  On PA LIVE -  Dave Becker is  your producer- 


  In the PA LIVE Kitchen: Executive Chef John Hudak, Junior from Vanderlyns is in the Kitchen

NEPA Mom Megan Galko has more common sense advice for parents and families,

  Chad Evans from Y1065 Radio gets us up to date on events going down in the Susquehanna Valley this weekend,

  Plus 98.5 KRZ's Jeff and Amanda debate another tough relationship question in Email Wednesday

On Eyewitness News at Five-  Katherine Lachette is your producer.
  The Latest chapter in the battle involving the Luzerne County Budget-  The Proposed 2014 Budget includes a tax hike and some job cuts.  The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick will have our story.

  The Moosic Street Bridge is open! Eric Deabill has your travel update.
  Laurie Monteforte introduces us to some new technology to keep youngsters safe this Halloween.
  Kelly Choate takes us to a Haunted House that is raising money for a special cause.

  And we begin new series at Five-Tim Kelchner gets us ready for the Olympic Games in Sochi! 

  On Eyewitness News at 6 and 11  Lindsay Keeler  is your producer

  East Stroudsburg University announces plans for restructuring due to deep budget cuts.  Laurie Monteforte will have our story.

  Plus, the latest developments involving a Luzerne County Man who was nearly beaten to death earlier this year and  is fighting for his life.  His family is making an emotional appeal for justice.  The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick has our today

  On Eyewitness News at Seven on WYOU-  An update of all the day's news.  Plus, here is what else I, (Jayne Ann)  will have for you. 

  Security is being beefed up around Fenway Park for tonight's game.
  Does surrounding yourself around healthy friends keep you healthy? The results of a new study.  (This newsroom is no example)
  The cutest video of a little boy who wandered on stage during the Pope's speech!

Fox 56 News at 10:  Caitlin Rowe  is your producer!

Viral Vids:  An X-Man goes for a manicure and the results are funny.

 And baby ducks going down a slide! Does it get any more cuter than this! 

  Going to bed early? 
 Early Birds get your morning news on Eyewitness News Daybreak.  Monday through Friday
 Rise and shine with  Monica  and Dave and Tim
Kaitlin Sosnowski-Ayer is your producer.

  Tim Kelchner will have a fun report on being a new dad!



 Your Eyewitness News Producing Line-Up- 

  Jayne Ann Bugda- PAHomepage  and Eyewitness News at 7 pm 

  Dave Becker  -  Eyewitness News at Noon and PA Live

  Katherine Lachette-  11 am and Eyewitness at 5

  Lindsay Keeler - Eyewitness News 6 and 11 


  Caitlin Rowe  - Eyewitness News at 10 (Fox56)

  Kirstin Cook  -  Eyewitness News at 10 Fox 56 Weekend

Kaitlin Sosnowski -Eyewitness News Daybreak

What's on TV Tonight?  ( )

  Sue Kalinowski- our WBRE/WYOU Program Director/Coordinator has these program highlights for  WBRE and WYOU. 
Can honesty be deadly in the game of "Survivor"? (8pm) There's witches and a Day of the Dead celebration on "Criminal Minds" at 9pm--- both WYOU.

 On "Revolution", Aaron's visions continue (8pm) and then it's a re-do of the "Benson is in mortal danger" episode at 9pm---both WBRE. We're back at Fenway for game #6 of the World Series 7:30-10:30pm on WOLF----with the
Red Sox looking to win the title at home. (10pm news to WSWB.)
David Letterman has Will Arnett ("The Millers"), Jay Leno gets real with Kim Kardashian  .


  Thank you for making Eyewitness News part of your day!


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