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Freeze Keeps Travel Agents Busy

People fed up with the weather are looking to book trips to warm, tropical locations.

Tannersville, Monroe County – People tired of cold, snow, and ice are turning to Melanie Samoy-Lutz. She said, "They look outside and they see the gray days and they see the white stuff coming down and they think you know it should be white sand not white snow."

She owns One Stop Travel, a travel agency in Tannersville. She has been busy taking calls and emails from people looking to escape somewhere warm. "If our winters are bad then travel agents do very well here in the Northeast,” said Samoy-Lutz.

The travel agent just got back from a trip to Tuscon, Arizon. She told Eyewitness News known there’s a warm trip in the future helps people deal with the cold. She explained, "Psychologically it makes you feel better to know that you have something to look forward to."

If you’re looking to get out of town, a travel agent can have you on your way by this weekend.

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