Families Celebrate Adoptions

Families Celebrate Adoptions

Parents and children attend a party to celebrate their new connections.

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – The Folio family of Effort grew by two Thursday. Larrisa and
Mark Folio adopted two children, 2 year old Trinity and one year old Linkin. Larrisa beamed, "It's exciting, we're blessed, blessed to get to raise these cute little kiddos."

The couple has a seven year old biological son named Landon. They were foster
parents to Trinity and Linkin for many months so they were thrilled to finally
call them their own. Mark had tears in his eyes as he said, "You can't
explain the feeling."

Landon said he was excited to become a big brother to the toddlers because, “They’re

The Folios celebrated the special day with many other families at the Monroe County
Administrative Center. It was the county’s first Adoption Day Celebration.

Seven year old Nevaeh Bucceri was there with her grandmother Michele, who adopted
her. "She'll always be with us,” smiled Michele.

Judge Steve Higgins oversaw the adoptions. He said the happy events are a welcome
change from many of the usual things he sees in court. He added, "It's
really a wonderful day when we have the families come in for adoptions."

Everyone involved encouraged others to consider adoption. Bucceri said, "There are
so many children out there that need to be adopted and if everybody would just
take part of it, it would make less children that don't have a mom and

November is National Adoption Month. Saturday is National Adoption Day.

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