Dozens of Dogs Rescued

Dozens of Dogs Rescued

A total of 55 dogs was removed after neighbors complained about the barking.
Waymart, Wayne County -- "When you go in there, you see that the guy had definitely loved his pets, however, it was a situation that had gotten way out of control."

The Dessin Animal Shelter, state dog warden and Waymart Borough Police Department removed 55 dogs from this home in the 300 block of Belmont Street in Waymart Friday night. Investigators said 10 of those dogs were already dead. The rest are being nursed back to health.

"Mostly with the skin, you can see a lot of hair loss, very overgrown nails, one of them has a nail growing through a pad, some of them might have some eye issues," said Debbie Moore.

The shelter said neighbors tipped off authorities to the situation.

"Neighbors had complained about the barking, and you can hear them right now, they get a little wound up and start barking, and when you have 50 of them, it can be a little much," said Kristen Anderson.

Adding dozens of dogs to one shelter in a single day can even overwhelm the experts.

"Something like this is a big drain on resources, manpower, food, supplies for the shelter and now finding spaces for them," said Moore.

"We already had a very full shelter walking into last night, so the numbers are up there," said Anderson. "We do have some shelters that are willing to help us."

Veterinarians will provide the pups with the care they need, and with all of these wagging tails, it shouldn't be too long before the dogs find forever homes.

"They do all seem to have a very happy attitude," said Anderson. "They should all be very adoptable."

Waymart Borough Police continue to investigate this case of animal hoarding.  Charges are expected to be filed early next week.
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