Your Weather Authority Extended Forecast

Your Weather Authority Extended Forecast

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We turn colder on Sunday today because of Saturday night's cold front.  We also get very windy conditions.  

These winds make the actual high in the upper 50s feel more like the lower 50s outside.  

The farther south in PA you go on Sunday, the more sun you’ll see in the sky.  The clouds will stay very pesky in northern PA.

Sunday night, the skies turn clear and we drop down to 38.  

Enjoy mostly sunny skies and mid 60s on Monday.  Though, we’ll still have breezes.    

We reach a high of 72 on Tuesday as warmer, southerly airflow comes up from the south.  

On Wednesday, another cold front arrives.  

This one brings us shower, particularly for the first half of the day.  With luck, the clouds will break up late in the day to reveal some sunshine.  We do stay mild with highs in the mid 60s.  

Drier weather follows on Thursday, but clouds and some light rain returns on Halloween Friday.  

We also become much colder for the end of the week.  

We reach 56 on Thursday, 52 on Friday, and 48 on Saturday!!

The clouds skies linger into Saturday, as well.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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