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While the Storm Closed Many Restaurants, This one Stayed Open

Customers crowded this place in the Poconos.


Stroudsburg, Monroe County – The kitchen at Palumbo’s Pizza in Stroudsburg stayed busy Thursday. Manager Dave Evans said, "We're just always open. Snow, hail, sleet, freezing rain, we don't live far away. I have four wheel drive so we just come down and open."


Most downtown restaurants were closed. That meant people who were out working long hours had few options to stop for food. Evans said, “Usually we have a lot of business from the guys out plowing, shoveling, the locals, people that can walk here."

People like plow drivers and police stopped in to grab quick slices. Stroud Area Regional Police Day Shift Patrol Sergeant Rick Green said, “It’s a 24/7 365 business and whether it's hospitals or ambulance service or fire, they all need to be available."


Green said the department sent the administrative staff home early. He explained, "It's a pretty major weather event so you want to get them home." But officers still had to work. They try to be especially careful responding to accidents and crimes. "You're not helping anybody if you're not getting there safely,” said Green.

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