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Wellness Grant Awarded to Shamokin Area School District

Shamokin Area School District just received more than one million dollars from the U-S Government to revamp its physical education program. But it's not just students who will benefit... It's the whole community. Eyewitness news reporter Valerie Tysanner has details from Northumberland County.
Shamokin, Northumberland County- The Shamokin Area School District is one of four in the Commonwealth to receive a one million dollar grant from the U-S Government.   
Instead of emphasizing team sports the new phys - ed program will focus on an individual "lifetime" health perspective by increasing nutrition education and creating state of the art exercise rooms.
  The programs will especially target students pre-k through 6th grade..
The community will also be able to join in. The brand new weight and exercise rooms will be open to the community  at no extra charge.

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