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Week in Review: 5/4 - 5/10

Each week Eyewitness News puts together more than thirty hours of news content. Our Week in Review series helps to summarize the top headlines from the week that just past.

Northeastern & Central, PA -- A cabin outing ended in tragedy over the weekend in Lycoming County. The bodies of Nathan Reece, Jacqueline Stackhouse, sisters, eight year old Nariah and Cadee Hawkins and three year old Austin Cousins were found inside the cabin in Washington Township. They all died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a poorly ventilated propane heater.

On Monday, we learned that a credit and debit card security threat that was once believed to have affected dozens of people is much more widespread. There are now at least two-hundred victims in Luzerne, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties. Investigators believe the thieves may be getting the victims account information from a breach in Wi-Fi service.

Dozens of seniors were forced from the Nanticoke Villa Personal Care Home early Tuesday morning by fire. MAC's Restoration and Administrative Assistant, Emma Keller says, "It was started by a fire in one of the rooms and now there is water damage and they have to rip up the carpet and everything." Nearly fifty residents spent two nights sleeping on cots inside the gym at Nanticoke Area High School before being allowed to move back into their homes on Thursday.

On Wednesday we learned about an EMT impersonator in Wayne County. The phony call was radioed in by the man who investigators say posed a member of the Waymart Ambulance Company. "I'd like to know how this person would feel if it was his family that needed an ambulance and they didn't show up because someone did this. I mean this really jeopardized patient care," says Director of Operation for Waymart Ambulance, Anita Thompson. The false call caused more than a hour-long delay in care for a 78-year old women who called 9-1-1.

A mother and her two daughters all entered guilty pleas in connection with the starvation death of their son and brother on Thursday in Lackawanna County. "Robert was emaciated, suffered terrible, 69-pounds at 32-years old. I would believe that the last few weeks of his life, he suffered.. terrible," said Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Tierney. Robert Gensiak had down syndrome and was neglected so severely that he developed a serious case of scabies. Robert's mother, Susan and his two sisters, Joan and Rebecca all entered varying guilty pleas with his mother facing the most serious charge of third degree murder.

No verdict was reached in the homicide trial for Jason Dominick on Friday which meant that jury deliberation moved into the weekend. Dominick is accused of shooting and killing Frank Bonacci last summer. Throughout the week the prosecution rested and the defense took over. Dominick took the stand in his own defense. We also heard dueling expert opinion about where the bullet was fired from, one expert said it came from the backseat, while the other said the shot came from the drivers seat. There was also a juror shake up on Friday when one of the jurors was dismissed for a longstanding family commitment. An alternate juror was put in his place which meant that the deliberation process had to start all over again.

And coming up in the week ahead, Eyewitness News reporter, Laurie Monteforte debuts I-Team series that will air all week long focusing on the rapid increase of prescription drug abuse. We will hear first-hand accounts from people in Northeastern and Central PA who have had to battle the epidemic. On Tuesday (5/13), Chad Olm, the uncle of eleven-year old Hunter Pedersen will have a preliminary hearing. He is accused of shooting the boy in the face, killing him. And on Thursday (5/15) a Luzerne County elementary school will honor the upcoming Armed Forces Day with an assembly to salute our troops.

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