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Volunteers Transform Old Hotel into Home for Veterans

The former Hotel Jonas is getting new life.

Jonas, Monroe County – When Anthony Katra left the military, he had some trouble adjusting back to civilian life. "When I came back I was totally stressed out and I had no clue what to do,” he said. Then he found the Valor Clinic Foundation. Volunteers helped him find work and a place to stay. Now, Anthony is paying it forward. He and dozens of other volunteers are transforming the abandoned Hotel Jonas into a home for veterans. It will be called the Major Paul Syverson Veterans Sanctuary in honor of an Army Major who died serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Valor Clinic purchased the former hotel with a gaming money grant. Volunteers are cleaning and renovating the building so thirteen homeless veterans can live there. "We need all the help we can get this week and the more hands the better,” said Valor Clinic founder Mark Bayliss.


The center won’t just be a place to stay. It will be a place to learn and to grow. "We're going to teach them how to do basic life skills again and help give them some coping schools to readjust,” explained Bayliss.


The veterans will take classes about budgeting and managing money. They will also have weekly counseling sessions. The center will have a Veterans Assistance Office so people who served in the military can get help with things like paperwork.


The center is scheduled to open in October. If you can help with construction call 570-369-3797.

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