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Veterinarian Amputates Neglected Dog's Leg

A dog abandoned at an animal shelter is now expected to survive.

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – A neglected dog abandoned at an animal shelter in Monroe County now has three legs but his veterinarian expected he will live a good life.

Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM) staffers found a small Maltese or Maltese mix in a pen outside the shelter Monday morning. He was filthy and hurt. They named the dog Jacob and brought him to Pocono Peak Veterinary Center in East Stroudsburg. Doctors had to amputate one of his legs because matted fur had caused a deep wound. They could see bone and tendon. Veterinarian Christine Bongiorno said, "He was in pain. He had a very fowl odor to him from the infection on his leg and he was just very depressed."

Now that the injured leg is gone, Bongiorno said Jacob seems happier. She explained, "He had this kind of a burden on him, you know, it was already an impediment. So it being gone is gonna be actually easier for him."

Shelter workers still don’t know who left the dog outside. "You just wonder how anybody, you know, could let this get to this point,” said Bongiorno.


Despite everything Jacob has been through, Bongiorno believes he will have a good life. AWSOM President Marie Grimm smiled, "At this point we're just very grateful to be able to give him the medical care he needs and the home he needs."


Jacob already has a new adopted family.

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