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US Senator Pat Toomey Stops by the Eyewitness News Studio

He talked about the protecting students from sexual and violent predators act
US Senator, Pat Toomey is pushing forward legislation to protect students from sexual and violent predators.
The Senator stopped by the Eyewitness News Studios on Friday and talked with Anchor Drew Speier
  He talked about the Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act that requires schools to perform background checks on all new and existing employees.
"So it's not just teachers, it would be coaches, school bus drivers, it could be anybody and it would require a periodic review just to make sure, it would also require a check of the federal criminal database, not just the state database to make sure that we're keeping our kids safe."
     The bill, which has already passed the house,  would also ban schools from helping a child molester find a new teaching job. 

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