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Up Early Preparing for the Storm

Well before the first snowflakes began to fall Thursday morning, many people were stocking up with supplies to prepare for the storm.
Pittston Township, Luzerne County-For many, heading out Thursday morning wasn't much of a problem.
  A light snowfall here in Pittston Township didn't slow drivers down along highway 315.
  Still, PennDot Crews were out in full force, staying on top of things!
"The highest priority is always the interstates, expressways and high traveled roads. The rural areas, those areas that don't have much traffic are secondary priority." said James May of PennDOT
  We caught up with a last minute shopper, who was having some trouble finding what he needed.
  Rob Smith made it out of the store with milk, but didn't have much of a selection to choose from. It's staple items like this one that people were stocking up on Wednesday.
 "It's pretty empty in there especially in the produce and some prepared foods. Some of the prepared foods I was looking at."
"For many people this is all about preparation, so not just early this morning, but even over night many people started to buy groceries that they needed. PennDot has been out on the roads since midnight. It's all about preparing for what is about to come throughout Thursday."
  Laura Lutz is just finishing up her shift while the snow is light, but she'll be back later in the evening.
"I'm not too concerned I just take it slow. If I can't make it any further I don't come in. I'm not going to risk my life for coming into work."
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