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Unique Early Learning Academy offers Kids, Parents Opportunities in Forty Fort

The tutoring center combines educational and social activities for children and their families.

Forty Fort, Luzerne County -- The reading room at The Academy for Early Learning in Forty Fort got some use on Thursday just a few days before the facility officially opens. Beginning Monday, kids ages three to 12 can go there for after school tutoring to improve their skills including reading, math and science. But the director of the academy says it will do more than offer children a way to work on the three "R's". "We also provide art classes, dance classes, you name it, we'll provide it," said Lillian Feibus.

Ms. Feibus is the director for The Academy for Early Learning. The Wilkes-Barre native is still busy converting what was an old funeral home on Wyoming Avenue to fulfill some ambitious goals. Her plan is to make the center a family friendly place where parents can stay occupied while their children learn. "And we provide starting in June a cafe for the parents so they can come, have a cup of coffee, still chit chat and during that time we also provide Parent Ed so the parents can be talking about different educational issues going on with their children." The cafe will be part of a parent pleasing feature under the fancy name Lavender Poulette. When it opens on Monday along with the academy, the front of the building will feature a place for parents and children to shop. It will feature everything from clothing and accessories to even educational toys.

Chani Pinson of Kingston plans to have all three of her children attend the academy including her soon to be 3-year-old daughter. "Leiba we are hoping to be able to send to Zumba, right?" Mrs. Pinson couldn't be prouder of her friend who took on this business venture. She also couldn't be more appreciative of how it will benefit families like the Pinsons. "She's just setting it up in such a perfect way that you know will just be a one-stop center for after school."

The Academy for Early Learning and Lavender Poulette will hold an open house on Friday. It's also continuing enrollment through May 12th. You can contact the facility by calling 570-817-0031 or by emailing theacademyforearlylearning@gmail.com or lavenderpoulette@gmail.com.

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