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U-R-S Closes Its Doors For Last Time

Hundreds of clients of U-R-S in two counties will now have to find another place to work and make friends as financial troubles forced it to close its doors.
Chad Wallace cried as he hugged Heather Miller of Hazleton as they left the U-R-S center for the last time Wednesday. U-R-S, United Rehabilitation Services in Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre and Tunkhannock, closed their doors today for the final time. Wallace said, "I get choked up when I even think about it. This day did not have to happen." Heather Miller added, "We are like family here. This is a tough day for all of us." The C-E-O of U-R-S Joe Pierangeli told this reporter today, "We did what we cold to keep it open. It just was not in the cards. I feel bad for our clients." Pierangeli says State funding cutbacks and payments to pension plans as the major reasons for the nonprofit agency's financial troubles. U-R-S has been working with officials from Luzerne and Wyoming Counties to find other agencies to provide services for the clients. U-R-S contracts with local companies to provide work for their clients who have special needs. Some State Lawmakers, such as Representative Tara Toohil from the Hazleton area have questioned how U-R-S could be in such poor financial shape.
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