Two Men Arrested in Car Thefts

Two Men Arrested in Car Thefts

Police say they still have some items to return to the victims.

Stroudsbug, Monroe County – Norma Burlando said she has noticed a lot of strange cars in her Stroudsburg neighborhood this summer. "I pretty much know who the apartment people are in this area,” she remarked. She was upset to learn some of the strangers were up to no good. "I said ‘this is too close to home,’" she reacted when she learned police caught two men breaking into cars.


The breakins happened in the Wallace Street area of Stroudsburg, near Ramsey Elementary School. Marth Haro, who recently moved into the area said, "I wouldn't expect it from here just because it doesn't look like people would break in cars around here."


An officer arrested Tyler Metzgar and Luis Santos Tuesday. Paul Cioletti of Stroudsburg reacted, "The county is getting kind of bad. Stroudsburg and everything is kind of bad."


Police say they have returned some of the items the men stole but there are still things people haven’t claimed. They remind everyone to lock their cars and keep valuables in safe places. Burlando said, "Fortunately my car is off street parking. It's in the back. That makes me feel a little better and I always lock my car. I would never ever leave my car open anywhere."


If you believe you were a victim of a recent car break in or have any information on the thefts, you should contact Stroud Area Regional Police at 570-421-6800.

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