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Travel Experiences In The Poconos

We heard travel woes from two people in Stroudsburg, Monroe County.
The snowy streets of Stroudsburg showed signs of life as cars whizzed throughout the slush this morning.

Pedestrians bundled up with hats and ear muffs to keep the snow out of their face.

Some even used an umbrella.

As plow trucks drove by, some motorists just wanted to get to work

We met up with deputy sheriff gene blaney and asked about his commute.

He drove twenty miles to work only to find out he could have stayed home.

Other people we met couldn't make it home.

Chris and his friend drove up just for the band's concert last night. by the time the music ended, they couldn't beat the snow.

After the fact, they learned that the band had a show only an hour away from Chris' house today.  Though, that concert got canceled because of snow.
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