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The I-Team's Mehalshick Asks The LCTA Board About Grand Jury Probe

This reporter asked the entire LCTA Board about the Statewide Grand Jury investigation during its public meeting on Tuesday.
The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick  took to the floor during the public comment portion of the LCTA board meeting Tuesday to ask about the Statewide Investigating Grand Jury probe into alleged Ghost Riders-- LCTA solicitor Joe Blasozek answered, "We are aware of the investigation and are cooperating fully-" When asked about allegations made by a bus driver that he was ordered to pad ridership numbers by managers Blasozek replied, "It would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing investigation "- Earlier in the day the Executive Director of the LCTA, Stanley Strelish, told me "I did not ever order drivers to pad numbers it is not true"  The Grand Jury will hear from 5 bus drivers and one board member beginning Wednesday morning in Harrisburg--
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