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Sunday Shooting in Hazleton

People who live in Hazleton say the violence just keeps getting worse, following a homicide over the weekend.
UPDATE: 2/3/14 11:17PM

PA) -The investigation continues Monday night after a man was shot and killed and another injured when a gunman opened fire in Hazleton.  The suspected shooter is locked up, but people who live in the Luzerne County city say the violence just keeps getting worse.

26-year-old Terrence Clarke is accused of shooting Garey Cox, 45, of Hazleton and injuring a second person near Shakers Bar and Grill on West Broad Street early Sunday morning.  Mark Fisher, of Hazleton, says "there has been fights, but nothing like this."  "I would say it's like any other establishment.  People go there, they drink, people get out of hand, it happens.  I wouldn't say it's a problem bar.  I'd say it's like any other bar," adds Angelique Lavariega, also of Hazleton.

The shooting took place across the street from a busy shopping center where people are constantly coming and going and children are even playing during the day.  Fisher and his kids used the adjacent parking lot as a snow playground, but he says he wouldn't let the children in this area without his supervision.  "It's not like it used to be, that's all I can say, It's not like it used to be. It's just completely different," says Fisher.  He says the increase in violence has him looking to get out of town, saying "we do plan on moving out of the area so, because of the violence lately, yea."
Other people say crimes like this are the reason they are afraid to go out.  Lavariega explains "I don't go out at night.  My limit is 9:00 after that I don't go out.  Yea, it's scary.  I have a big German shepherd at home to help protect us and stuff."  Both Fisher and Lavariega believe more police presence is need to stop crimes like this from happening.  "Maybe instead of using some tax dollars to new beautiful lights in the area, maybe we could use that towards our police force, which is very needed in the area," says Lavariega.  Fisher adds "I don't think anything can be done.  They are putting more cops on the streets, it's just there are too many people.  It's too many people for them to handle I think."

Terrence Clarke is facing an open count of criminal homicide along with other felony charges.  There is no word on the name or condition of that second victim at this time.


PA)- An overnight shooting has police swarm a block in Hazelton. Luzerne County dispatchers say one man was shot just after two Sunday morning on West Broad Street. At least seven shell casings could be seen in the parking lot next to Shakers Bar and Grill. Police are not releasing the name or condition of the victim in that early morning shooting in Luzerne County.
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