State Police Officers Talk About Truck Safety Enforcement

State Police Officers Talk About Truck Safety Enforcement

On Tuesday night truckers told Eyewitness News about the pressures they face when it comes to making their deliveries on time. On Wednesday Eyewitness News talked to members of the Pennsylvania State Police about some of their enforcement tactics.
Hawley, Pike County - On Tuesday truckers told Eyewitness News about the pressure they face as drivers.

Jeffery Dionne, a truck driver from New Hampshire, was one of them to talk to Eyewitness News.

"You get paid by the mile and a lot of customers have a certain time they want their freight," he said.

"Our expectation is that people are going to comply with the law," Lieutenant Chris Paris, with the Pennsylvania State Police, said.

Paris, who works out of Blooming Grove, told Eyewitness News that troopers rely on the individual trucking companies to make sure drivers aren't pushing the limits of Title 49.

Title 49 is federal law that says truckers can only be on the road 11 hours before taking a break.
Paris said as added enforcement, they have troopers with roving patrols making routine stops. 

"In Troop R we have seven full-time motor carrier inspector certified troopers."

The specially trained troopers look for discrepancies in log books. Truckers are required to maintain the books to maintain as proof they're taking the required breaks.

Paris said if something looks suspicious that's when an investigation starts. He told Eyewitness News that it's hard to lie in a book because of the investigation police can launch.

"In situations where there's a catastrophic crash, or there is a crash resulting, then you transition into a full criminal investigation," he said.

Paris said if a trucker is found in violation of a law they face fines. He did mention though that State Police can put a trucker out of service.
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