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SPORTS BLOG: Ken's take on March Madness

Ken Brown takes a look at the Madness. He breaks down Round 1, Day 1 with his personal take on Thursdays games.

Here is my breakdown for Round 1 Day 1 of the NCAA March Madness Division I Tournament.

#6 Ohio State def. #11 Dayton: Their poor fan bases, these two schools are 75 miles apart and their fans have to drive to Buffalo to watch this game. OSU hasn't lost to Dayton since 1986, the first of 6 meetings between these teams was on New Years day in 1934.

#2 Wisconsin def. #15 American U: Wilkes product Bo Ryan should have no problem leading his Badgers to a first round win. I doubt he will repeat a close call like they had against Wofford a couple years back.

#9 Pittsburgh def. #8 Colorado: Two words... Talib Zanna! Get Familiar! (You caught me that was 4 words)

#5 Cincinnati def. #12 Harvard: There is no Jeremy Lin on the Harvard team this year but Cincinnati needs to play more discipline/fundamental basketball than they have in years past at the dance.

#3 Syracuse def. #14 Western Michigan: Syracuse has a little patter going... win one... lose two. That trend won't continue into the first round. Syracuse's conference tournament loss will be quickly avenged in round #1.

#7 Oregon def. #10 BYU: Quack, Quack, Quack!!! Wait, haven't we seen this before?!? Oh yeah, these two teams met during the regular season and Oregon put up triple digit points.

#1 Florida def. #16 Albany: Does this need an explanation

#4 Michigan State def. #13 Delaware: Tom Izzo's coaching abilities alone are enough to get the Spartans the win.

#7 U Conn def. #10 St. Joseph's: Jameer Nelson and Delonte West don't play for St. Joseph's anymore, U Conn has got this one.

#2 Michigan def. #15 Wofford: Being from Ohio it's difficult for me to pick Michigan but I like being right more than I dislike Michigan.

#12 NC State def. #5 St. Louis: What on earth is a Billiken? Well, It's a good luck figure that represents things the way they "ought to be". St. Louis will need more than luck, they don't have any wins against 'big time' programs.

#12 North Dakota State def. #5 Oklahoma: North Dakota State is the best shooting team percentage-wise in the country. Combine that with the fact that Oklahoma is 308th in points allowed this season... I think it equals upset.

#2 Villanova def. #15 Milwaukee: Nova may have had a disappointing conference tournament but that will leave them driven to come out hot to start the big dance.

#7 Texas def. #10 Arizona State: Drew Speier Eyewitness News grew up in Texas... enough said!

#4 Louisville def. #13 Manhattan: Louisville was very easily deserving of a 2 seed in this years tournament. When picking your bracket you should treat them as such.

#4 San Diego State def. #13 New Mexico State: San Diego State might not be the best scoring team in the country but they don't have to be... they have the 2nd best defense in the country.

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